our holiday weekend!

We love long holiday weekends when Daddy is around all the time to play!

Our little tribe had a lovely Fourth of July celebration spent with family & friends. Hux enjoyed his pool, as usual & made a few new pals!

We spent the evening BBQ'in up some turkey burgers & corn and feasted on some kale salad & coconut icecream milkshakes...yum.

The best part of all was that we could watch THREE different firework shows from the comfort of our deck, and Huxley even came out to watch (until he fell back asleep in my arms, swoon.) I watched his big eyes the entire time as I've seen fireworks before, but watching Huxley see things through new eyes has become my obsession, my hobby, my life.

It was the best Independence Day.



meganbrunette said...

LOVE the pics... I can't wait til my little one arrives so we can battle it out for daily 'cutest pictures' contest!!!

Adriana said...

love the pics...what a fun day : ) those sheets BTW are from target. and the comforter/pillow cover are ikea and the other pillow is from some random shop. lol. like i said, mismatched!!