The Sleep Paranoia.

Dear Parents,
You know this. You know it well.
Maybe you won't admit it, but you are scared s***less of your child waking in the middle of the night.

I am.
I fear it more than spiders & tornadoes...and that my friends, says a LOT.

It has to be natural. 

I mean, you don't want your child waking, because that means a myriad of things--

-they need a new diaper
-they're uncomfortable...too hot, too cold, their jammies are too tight or not the right fabric... biggest fear...

they need the boobs.

I'm 18 months deep in Milk Truck lugging, and I am so over it--but have no space in my heart to cut Hux off.

He needs the 'Bobos' as he now calls them.

& toss in some giant molars breaking through his sweet little gums and you have an egg-shell walking Mama + Papa.

I fear flushing the toilet or doing normal things because I do NOT want to stir the Huxman.
He needs his beauty rest--have you met the kid? He's a freakin' prince.

So this is my rant.
On tip-toeing.
It is not fun, and hopefully someday soon we will nip it in the bud.
We're looking into Montessori schools and I hope that Huxley will be enrolled ASAP, and then all the pieces will fall into place and he will sleep like a rock and never rip my shirt down again.

Until that time folks...keep your fingers crossed for us.


PS: I realize this sounds like I loathe nursing...that is not how I want to come off--I have loved being able to provide Hux with awesome super juice, and have had an overall amazing experience with nursing. The only thing I'd like is to be able to sleep through the night...

that's not a lot to ask...

is it?


Anonymous said...

Aw. He sleeps so peacefully! I adore Montessori btw! I am a former teacher! Have by chance heard of Waldorf? It's very similar only a little more "spiritual" and "artistic" and "festive". I have been introducing the Waldorf philosophy to my family this year and it ties perfectly with Native American culture and Natural Patenting!

Also do you pinterest?

Hillary Brooke said...

Hi Mama Nature! I will have to check them out--we are still "shopping around" for the perfect school.

I have a Pinterest account but to be honest I nevvvver use it. I barely have time to squeak out my blog post, but maybe when Hux is away at school I will be a more prolific Pinner!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing!