cookies MAKE milk.

Ever since Hux started solids I kind of took the lazy Mom approach to nursing.
I stopped pumping, taking ridiculous amounts of supplements
& just basically quit worrying about how much milk I was producing.

It was a giant weight off my shoulders.
I was a wreck in the beginning—especially when our horrible ex-Pediatrician told us we had to supplement with formula because I was a failure.
Well, he didn’t exactly come out and say that but that’s what I heard.

You name it, I did it…Fenugreek, Blessed Thistle, oatmeal, dark beer, Brewer’s Yeast, and enough water to turn the Sahara into a Rain Forrest.

Fast-forward to now, & Hux is still a boob man.
We nurse up to 10 times if not more per day, and let me tell you—it’s exhausting!

I couldn’t tell you where my pump is, because I am sooo over that & I cannot gulp down another herbal supplement or cup of tea.

You know what I will do to help ensure Hux is getting enough to drink?

Eat a cookie.

 Yep…milkmakers. They are these delicious awesome cookies boosted with all the good stuff your Milk Trucks need to produce that liquid gold.

Milkmakers cookies are made with organic ingredients, and have three key ingredients (oats, flax seed, brewer's yeast) to boost breast milk supply. 

(There's a lot of info about them on their website).

They have a strong community to support moms, mainly through Facebook, but also through receiving and sharing stories from real moms with other real moms. They also have a lactation consultant, Renee Beebe, who hosts a monthly live-on-Facebook breastfeeding Q + A and who writes articles about breastfeeding that we share on their blog, their website, and in their monthly newsletters.

Go get on the cookie train now & let the milk flow!


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Valerie said...

i totally LOLed when you reffered to lactating breasts as "milk trucks" haha! I would've never imagined a cookie could help you produce more milk so I learned something new today :) BTW, I am now you 100th follower, congrats on making it to the triple digits! :)