Cheatin' on Elmo

Hux has traded allegiances. Thrice.
From Elmo to Cookie to Grover.
Kid loves him some Sesame Street folk.

He also really enjoys Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

Hux is just the sweetest little squishbug. He will give hugs, & kisses. He always says "thank you" & never hesitates to share.

We really hit the cute kid jackpot.

How was your holiday?
We spent ours stuffin' grilled foods into our belly & just bein' plain ol' American---got home early & caught not one but three different firework shows right off our deck.

Pretty much perfect.

This weather is beastly. I'm not a fan. 
Wanted to apologize for lack of photos & such as I need to relocate my camera charger...
 I know. I know. I can never find it.

Until then here are some heart melting photos from our friend Kim's iPhone..

[who is this giant man child and what did he do with my baby Hux???]



Anonymous said...

childhood'' is the best time of life :-)

Brittany E. said...

ha I like both grover and Auntie Anne's! So we are not much different! Adorable picture.

Clara Turbay said...

so cute!