decking the halls + toddlers...

 More like wrecking the halls.

Sometimes I wonder why we do this to ourselves---last year Hux was going on one, & was a full fledge walking, climbing, demolishing machine. Our decorations didn't stand a chance!

The bottom half of our tree was bare & this year...well, it looks basically the same.

There's been broken ornaments (including his Baby's First Christmas...sigh.) ornaments taken apart and then stuck onto fingers--literally stuck, too. We've stuck to having just a couple plastic, felt, and cloth ornaments, and have kept the family heirlooms on the verrrrry tippy top.

Hux is also keen to candy canes this year. Last year he had no clue what "candy" was, and for the most part he just thinks candy is the chewable papaya enzymes we give him, but he knows those pretty red + white striped canes will prove to be something tasty if he could just eat through that darn wrapper...

But his cuteness covers a multitude of sins, I tell you.
He just melts us.

[Hux's outfit c/o Tea Collection]


footnote: Today Matt came home for awhile to be with Hux and I...we hugged, and thanked God for our little family, and for today--because tomorrow is never promised. We hurt & pray for all the parents whose babies were taken too soon today in CT... may they find healing and comfort in the one they call Prince of Peace.

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