things we love lately...

Green Smoothies
Kind of obsessed with these as of late.
They taste like summertime in a glass and if I go the rest of the day eating bread & cheese, well...this mean green beverage has me covered!
(not that I'd ever just eat bread and cheese for lunch and dinner...)

Here's the recipe if you wanna jump on board the Green Smoothie Train...

Handful of green grapes
half of a Satsuma orange (you can substitute any citrus really, I am just a tad crazy over Satsumas!)
1-2 stalks kale (I've been groovin' on the Dino variety)
wedge of lime (with peel)
half of a banana (best if it's frozen)
cup of pineapple chunks (I freeze these too)
large handful of spinach
splash of filtered water
you can add ice, but I like to freeze the banana & pineapple and the omit the ice
*We always use organic produce and if it's local--even better!*
Blend & enjoy!

Buying little people shoes is not high on my list of 'Things I Love to Do'.
They're pricey. 
Your babe outgrows them in a week.
Most of the boys styles out there leave something to be desired. 
It wasn't until we were so sweetly gifted a pair of Freshly Picked Moccs that my Toddler Shoe Horizon was broadened. 
Hux wears them all the time
They are soft. Comfortable. The fit perfectly but have plenty of give to grow with him & last well into Spring. 

We love love love Freshly Picked & will definitely be getting more pairs throughout the years! has been my go-to site for online shopping since the pregnancy days. 
We've found so many awesome deals--including Huxley's big Christmas present, a Kidcraft Play Kitchen (we got it for half the price that website is advertising!).

If you haven't shopped Gilt yet you are missing out!
But! Lucky you! You can get $25 for your first purchase by signing up & shopping today--pretty rad huh?

This Shoenhut Piano is on sale for $42--plus your $25 off...that is a steal, folks!

Sign up & get shopping HERE!



Hailey said...

i absolutely love those shoes but i can't justify the price yet! maybe ill give in one day.

Hillary Brooke said...

They are steep (on SALE right now though!!) but they last forever I tell ya....totally worth the splurge!