skin savers

Winter is upon us.
I can feel it in my skin. It's dry, cracked, and just plain blah.

Hux has struggled with sensitive skin ever since he was born. It all began after we were forced to start him on formula (read more about that here). It was horribly obvious that he was having an allergic reaction to it, and I was furious with his pediatrician and myself...mostly myself for not being able to give him enough milk.

[Hux at 2 months with a bad breakout]

After switching to a hypo-allergenic formula his skin stop flaring up as bad but the eczema still lingered. We started to invest in all sorts of creams, oils, name it, we've tried it.

[Hux at 3 months with a mild breakout]

After several brands we have finally settled on two of the best ones out there, Episencial & Dr. Robin's. They both offer natural, chemical-free, soothing protection and the proof is in how healthy and flawless Huxley's skin looks!

We love Episencial's Bubble Bath Gel & Soothing Cream. Perfect for our bath time routine, and the Soothing Cream even has probiotics in it!

During the day I will put Dr. Robin's Daily Moisture Cream on Hux to keep him consistently protected from the dry air, and with the Natural Rice Bran Ceramides it provides that barrier his sensitive skin needs.

And you know what's great about both of these companies?
They don't charge an arm & leg for their products like those fancy French brands, which eliminates all excuses for anyone still using those nasty chemical riddled products like Johnson & Johnson.

If you want to try and win something from both Episencial and Dr. Robin's each offered up something great for the big Giveaway going on right now too!


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