sorry no puppies now...ever.

So I feel I should explain for my complete & utter disregard for our humble blog...
After the folks left Hux & I came down with a terrible sinus bug (we still are snot-faced and miserable) and blogging just wasn't on my agenda.

When Huxley is sick he is verrrry much like velcro.
It gets a bit wearing at times, but mostly I love it since all I wanted to do was cuddle and nap anyways.

I decided it was time to get out and do something yesterday since Hux had a case of cabin fever (Mama too) so we went to the local pet store...ummm, ghetto & scary!!! Huxley was totally entranced by all of the fish. I was hoping there would be some puppies to play with since Huxley has been saying "Doggy...woof woof" alot lately, but the store had a sign that read "sorry no puppies now" but "now" was crossed out & underneath was written "EVER".


Afterwards we scooped up Daddy for a little lunch date at the park, and I let Matt chase Hux around the place while I shot a few photos.

We send love & all good things your way.

Here are a few photos from yesterday...


PS: The winner from the BuggyLOVE Giveaway has been chosen & announced here.

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