water baby.

Legitimate summer is just around the corner & it's been hot.
We like to play on our deck when the weather is nice--and it has been super nice as of late.

Unfortunately, our baby pool we had last year bit the dust & it seems like no one is carrying simple plastic pools...but Hux doesn't care. He's an equal opportunity water lover & will play in any source of water.

I caught him trying to stand and then sit in a little Pyrex dish I had filled with water, and spoons...I snapped a photo just after he sat little ham.

Hux has been such a good photo taker--always 'cheesing' for the camera.
I really need to get all of us scheduled for a little family photoshoot..
(or convince my friend Carie to come down from NYC for a weekend! wink wink nudge nudge, Carie).


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Kristin said...

Gosh I've been away too long! Hux is so big!!! And more adorable than ever. P.S. I love your new header!