Reality Check.

What happened?!
It seems like Hux has gone from zero to FULL FORCE TODDLER MONSTER.

Now, I am not green in the baby/toddler/kid department.
I've babysat, was a Nanny in Nashville & Breckenridge, have two nieces, and a nephew two months younger than Huxley---I pretty much have Second-Child syndrome with Hux too, but holy wow are little boys different that little girls.

It's like I need an IV-Drip of caffeine to keep up with his stamina, because from the moment he wakes with, "Doodle-doooo...hiiiii!", right in my face, it is GO time.

Currently we are revamping our "Baby-Proofing".
We should write the book on it, because for us it's not "Baby" but "Hux" proofing, which is basically removing any and all objects from our home that pose potential harm.
(eg. we just cleared & took out our metal shelving unit that was in the kitchen--it was practically empty anyway as we slowly took things from his reach.)

It's hard, I won't lie...the constant threat of danger with this kid, 'cause Lord knows what he will try and attempt next. There is no such thing as down-time anymore...oh, how I miss those sweet days of his unmobile cuddling- but still, this stage is exciting/challenging and fun & I wouldn't trade it for anything in the whole wide world.

Especially with moments like these...

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