Mama + Baby Style...Elmo Edition

Hux is simply obsessed with Elmo.

"Elbow. Elbow. Elbow!!!" Huxley pleads when he sees our laptop or iPad out.
We typically oblige since it really is the only downtime we can get with him.
He is so contented to eat his snack & giggle away at the silly Mr. Noodle.

If Hux is fussing all I have to do is start singing the "Elmo Song", and he instantly starts smiling and laughing.

What is it about that little red creature?!

I recently bought a really cute ensemble from that looks a lot like this one below...I didn't realize until I saw all the pieces in my cart that they were matching, but they're all super cute, and we are both in love with our new duds.

(Hux would wear his Elmo shirt daily if he could keep it clean.)

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