everyday Hux.

Our days pretty much go like this lately:

7:30-8am: Wake up next to a happy snuggly Hux.
(after some milk truck time I send him out to wake up Daddy who is usually asleep on the recliner since Hux kicks him out of the bed.)
8:30am: Music, juice & breakie time.
9:15am: We are either off to a play date/story time/errands or playing around the house.
11:00am: Hux naps & Mama cleans, preps lunch, etc etc.
12:30-1pm: Hux lunches.
2pm: Play time (if it's nice out we hit up our local park).
3:30pm: Hux naps & sometimes Mama does too (especially if I have to work that night).
5:30pm: Daddy's home & Mama is off to work (a few nights of the week).
6:oopm: Hux gets dinner.
7:00pm: Bath or sponge bath + Calendula Oil, Lotion + Jammies.
7:30pm: Story & Snuggle time.
8pm: Hux sleeps & we reset the house for another day.

Here are a few random photos of our daily life...


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