Chuck Berry fan like his Mama...

Life with Hux has gone from zero to full blown toddler this week.

He has become this running, talking, strongly opinionated & adorably affectionate little man.

On Monday the words just started flying out of his mouth! At BabyGap he started singing along with Chuck Berry saying, "Go! Go!" to "Go, Johnny, Go". When we called Daddy at work he said, "Hello!" when I handed him the phone! Hux moved on from the "L's" & started working at his "C's" saying, "Coo-cookulu-Coo"...don't ask me to translate that one!

The list kind of goes on & on with all of his milestones...we're just in this constant state of amazement.

Parenting is the greatest...really.

Here are a few snapshots of Hux recently...random, but sweet nonetheless.

[such a little man...]


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Crista said...

He is NOT little! omigosh! I can't believe he is talking!! love, love, love.