Kicky Pants!

Matt is always making comments about how soft & snuggly Huxley's clothes are & when Hux got an awesome hoodie from Kicky Pants, Daddy was even more envious! This adorable Giraffe hoodie is probably the cuddliest thing that I've ever felt!

Kicky Pants is another awesome Mama ran company that was born to fill a gap in the baby clothing market. There are so many sweet designs--my favorites include anything with animal ears on them!
(because fun is it making your baby look like a cuddly critter?!)

Want to know why Kicky Pants has such super soft fabrics? They use bamboo!! We love bamboo for it's sustainability & Eco-friendliness! Another cool fact--it's naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal & antistatic!

Perfect for any season & your wallet, Kicky Pants has so many designs to choose from that will fit your style...head over today and stock up on some sweet duds for your little one!


PS: will post photos of Hux rocking his Hoodie as soon as I locate the camera charger that I believe he has hidden (along with the TV remote, and lever to the recliner).


Rachel said...

those seriously couldn't be cuter! must get some for my little girl!

Hillary Brooke said...

I know!! I need to order Hux the Fleece Hoodie with ears in like...every size available!!


Crista said...

I wanna see Hux in the Kicky's!