Wildman Hux.

Awhile back Huxley got this severely adorable outfit in the mail c/o Kate at The Radical Thread Co. Although it is still a tad too big for him I have dreams of Hux asking me to read Where the Wild Things Are while wearing his Max getup.

In these dreams Huxley also refuses to take it off & even bathes in it.

It's sort of ridiculous how I have mapped out the life of this costume.

Kate is an absolute gem, and is so darn crafty. She makes several variations of this Max costume-- all of which really could be worn all the time. It's snuggly, easy to put on, and easy to care for and by the way...insanely adorable!

This is a perfect baby shower/Valentine's/Easter/Birthday/Halloween/Christmas/Just Because present, and it will be a treasure to hand down from generation to generation.

Go to The Radical Thread Co. & indulge your little wild person.

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