Hux + Fred

Last week we had my ridiculously adorable + extremely well behaved nieces over for "Camp Aunt Hillary". We set up our tent, got pints of Ben and Jerry's and watched The Princess Bride. 

I kind of lost my stuff laughing at the similarities between Fred Savage and Matt and by default Huxley because he is Matt's mini-me. 

Oh, and he also looks exactly like Travis known for his role in Little Rascals or the Welches Grape Juice commercial...

Huxley may just have a future in Hollywood--he knows he is funny, and loves making people laugh with his antics and impressions (especially Donald Duck). Since he's obsessed with the older cartoons he has a lot of 50's sayings. It's great. Our kid says "Oh, Phooey." Who says that anymore?

I love my big brownie eyed boy.
More boasting + bragging to come, of course...but until then, I have to go get ready for Baby Sister...T-Minus 3 weeks...what!?


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