summer in March?

Yesterday was picnic perrrfect.

I could NOT rob Huxley of the gorgeous weather so I put to use what I've seen on so many Mama's Pinterests & Blogs and put together a big tub of water and tossed in various cups, utensils and other fun water sorting devices.

Pretty sure Hux would have been content with that for hours, but didn't want him to fry in the direct sunlight so we peaced on over to our local park and romped around there for awhile.

I then decided it was time for Mogeeto hour (that's Mojito for all you fancy folk).
One of Huxley's favorite ladies, Kristen, came over and we had cocktails & Huxie dinner on the deck. Then the men came, sparked the grill, 'cause that's what men love to do, and we feasted on some Turkey Feta & Sundried Tomato Burgers and other delicious food stuff.

& you know what's awesome?
Today is just as--if not MORE--beautiful than yesterday!

We are hitting repeat & playing on the deck again in our tubby of watery goodness.
It's pretty glorious that I actually got to start planting seeds too---got some organic broccoli & some Fox Cherry Tomatoes planted. I bet they're sprouted by this evening--I mean look at Hux...I am good at growing things!


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