another dreamy outfit idea...

Polyvore has become my bestie,
as I'm still trying to get inspired in the fashion department.

Yellow is such a fun color to mix into a low profile outfit.
It adds a fun pop to this otherwise neutral ensemble, and that necklace...OH MY, yes & please!

There is no way I could squeeze into that dress, but eventually I would love to effortlessly slink into something similar without fretting my Mama bod.

We have an upcoming wedding to attend that has me in a full blown freak-sesh about finding something to wear that is both functional in the Milk-Truck department & flattering. I've ramped up the stroller walking & water drinking, and have been trying to watch what I put in my mouth (I had a bad habit of polishing off Hux's meal after he has finished & I've put a stop to that).

What gets you inspired?

Untitled #13


PS: I promise I am not trying to be a Fashion Blog...just wanted to share some of these fun ensembles with you ladies! xo


Crista said...

I, too, love neutrals with a pop of color. I think something kinda slouchy and layer-y is always in style. Mix as many solid neutrals as you can (maybe in the brown/tan family) and then add some yellow here and there in different shades. Tht's what I would do anyway :)
Ps- way to go kickin' that bad habit! Eating from the boys' plates is one of my faves ;)

Kristin said...

I've got a thing for yellow these days too and especially the yellow/turquoise combo you have here. P.S. I always eat from Max's plate too before and after it gets to him! But for me weight gain always comes from having salty snacks around (like those darn annie's bunny crackers) or baked snacks between meals, so I have to just keep them out of the grocery cart and the house.