Citrus Lane!

It's no shocker that I LOVE getting presents in the mail...Even though they are for Hux 99.8% of the time.
Every day when Matt comes through the door the first thing I ask him is, "Presents?".
Last month we got a super awesome box (seriously...the box itself is awesome!) from Citrus Lane.

Citrus Lane customizes & hand picks the items perfect for your little one & they were spot on with Huxley's box! He is the biggest fan of his new eco-friendly Tug Boat! It makes it even harder to end bath time, but it's great for helping Mama rise the soap from his hair! Win-win.

I highly suggest signing up for a Monthly Membership today--and guess what--you can take 20% off your first month just for being friends with Hux!

Just type in the Code: CITRUS20E



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