Nourish your Babe.

You've been there...
On the go, baby is hungry & oops--you forgot their bottle or sippy cup.
You can't put the formula in a bottle of's now screaming...people are staring...what do you do??!!

Nourish saves the day.

Nourish Mama's conjured up purified spring water in cute little portable non-toxic, bisphenol a, phthalate & BPA free, plastic bottles...that are spill proof.

These are totally essential in every diaper bag & car and hopefully soon Starbucks will carry them in their little cooler section, because what Mom wouldn't need that during an impromptu coffee date?

So basically...these little gems are the bees knees & Huxley approved.

Go order yourself a case.


1 comment:

Jenny said...

Those are pretty cool!! Never heard about them, thanks for the heads up.