coming back from an extended weekend & holiday

We had a lovely holiday weekend!

Sunday was my last day at Starbucks. Bittersweet, but welcomed. We did lots of grilling, baby pool swimming, fresh fruit eating & hanging outside on our deck.

Yesterday we took Huxley to the Devon Horse Show/Fair.
(I forgot my camera, dangit.)

Hux rode on his first Ferris Wheel, tried a lemon (& liked it!), and saw horses jumping! Mama had her first Funnel Cake...kind of like an Elephant Ear, but different shape/texture and it's covered in powdered sugar! Soooo good, but so very bad.
Despite some ridiculously hot hot heat we had quite the nice little holiday.

I mean, look at this beautiful's hard not to have a good time whenever he's around.


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What an amazing sounding weekend. ahh.