Nineteen Weeks & a Day!

Nineteen weeks.

It's been a trip...
& it's been nothing but smiles, goos, gahs, giggles, the occasional case of hiccups, and wide-eyed wonder.

Huxley can now roll over from tummy to back & visa versa, he can hold his head up very well as he tries to navigate his way around.
Yes, he's skooching backwards, & beginning to roll where he wants to go. When in crawling position Hux becomes quite frustrated because he just wants to go!

Hux is now groovin' on some purees.
So far he's tried bananas, peas, pears, prunes, butternut squash, carrots, apples, strawberries and avocados.
(avocados & frozen nanners being his favorite)

He's still babbling away.
There are some new noises coming out of him like "bahs, and boos".

Huxley is loving his little pool we have set up for him outside & could splash in it all day if you let him! He also really enjoys bath time. He's been a water baby from day one!

And here we 19 weeks (+one day)...


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1 comment: said...

cute diaper!
(and cute baby!)

I'm liking these updates because our little guy isn't too far behind (14 weeks) and it is exciting to see what is coming up!