trial run of cloth diapering

& so it's begun...

Cloth diapering.

I haven't completely dove in..
I'm just kind of dipping a few toes in at this point.
Testing the waters.

We have a slew of oldschool cloth diapers that we've been using for burp cloths, so instead of investing a pretty bill or two in new All In One Cloth Diapers or Pocket Cloth Diapers I bought some diaper pins & covers and approached diapering like my Grandmothers would...and did!

After all was said & done I think I'd really really really enjoy cloth diapering, but with the new fancy ones...because the old style turned Huxie's tush area etc. etc. into a greenhouse.

No bueno.

Oh & the bonus...cloth diapers just look so gosh darn cute on him!



meganbrunette said...

You are VERY brave. I like the IDEA of cloth diapering, but then again, no thanks. I'll stick with the Nature Babycare diapers... they're the one brand that is truly biodegradable. said...

yay for trying! I love love cloth diapering!

I would recommend trying different kinds of brands (don't buy a starter kit) - that will save you a lot of money - there are some really great "cheaper" brands out there.

check out and (they usually have free shipping within the US & Canada)