ten weeker.

[Knit Booties c/o NEEDLEhead crafts]

[She loves Hux even when he's stealing her "squeaky squeaky".]

I guess I should be familiar with this by now.
The fleeting time your babe stays a newborn.
Ellis is all smiles & coos.
Awake and alert.
Scooting and trying out her legs.
Such strength + untainted beauty.

Huxley and her get along so well.
We really are blessed in that respect, and many others.

I've still be trying to heal up--recently discovered that I am infected with MRSA (mersa--a form of staph). It hasn't been fun, and I am dying to get on with my life and do all the little things I relish like:

bubble baths
farmers markets
Target shopping
trips to the Grandparents
sushi dinner dates
taking Hux to the park
even cleaning for goodness sakes!!

One day I'll report back and let you know I've done all of those things finally.
We hope.


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