making molehills out of mountains.

Seems like I've just been treading water over on this side of the screen.

Went back into the hospital on Sunday (first night I had to spend away from Ellis--worst night of my life), and left Monday as a walking (moreso bedbound) petri dish.

For weeks I was getting the blow-off from my OB practice. They said this was all normal, to live with the pain, etc etc. They made a molehill out of a mountain.

I went into ER three times in the past two weeks.
They found mersa, and a new fluid collection.

So basically, I know my body and how I feel & the entire time the practice (whom I have fired) was telling me how to feel otherwise.

This has been uphill battles since Ellis was born. 
I hate that this hasn't been a calm, celebratory time.
I hate that Huxley has been really taking a hit on this. We try and pour all of our attention on him, but there is only so much I can do right now--which is basically snuggle him and read miles and miles of books. It's time I truly cherish with him.

Ellis is definitely not a newborn anymore.
She is trying to sit up, has rolled over a couple times from back to stomach (what!?) and is a eating machine! 

Oh, and speaking of...
I have amazing amazing Mama friends.
They swooped in a donated breast milk when I was unable to provide for Ellis.
I had no back supply in our freezer, and with being in & out of the hospital, and hearing different takes on what medicines are okay or not okay to breast feed on...well..we ran out of options, and then boom our freezer was packed with the best nutrition Ellis can have--I cried out of thanksgiving a couple times and will definitely be taking those ladies to lunch when I am healed.

We have some pretty exciting things coming up on the blog & I cannot wait to write to you with news that I am 100% h-e-a-l-t-h-y.

Until then,
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Michelle Levine said...

oh my goodness - you have been through so much - so glad the storm has passed and you are healthy now and things can get back to normal !