the babes' rooms...

 Hux & Lulu's rooms are finally completed*.
I am in love with their spaces & I think they are too.

Keep in mind we moved into our house in May.
Ripped up the floors upstairs mid-June.
The rooms were totally undone when I went to the hospital.
We kind of just picked away after I got home, & went back in, then came home again.
Whenever I'd get bursts of energy I would go and plug away at something in one of their rooms--it was cathartic, an outlet, and kept my mind off of all the crap I didn't want to dwell on.

Mobile made by my lovely & talented friend Chelsee who owns Charlie Boy Nashville
The "Lulu Pink" Deer Head, made by yours truly
Walls were painted with Lullaby Paints (which was awesome because I could work with the paint, as it's so natural you could probably drink it---I don't suggest it, but just sayin'. There are no fumes, no nasty chemicals, and the color was a gorgeous light light light pink. Loved the consistency of the paint too--went on nice, and the final product was just fab!

Coat rack from Urban Outfitters
Whale Rug from his Grandpop (I think it's LL Bean)

Thank you for taking a little tour of our little loves rooms.
We hope you stop by again soon...

...*to see all the fun new additions being added--can...not...wait!!


PS: Photos were taken by the lovely miss Tiffany of Highland Street're going to puddle when you see the newborn photos of miss Ellis!

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