[Raw Baltic Amber Necklace c/o GreenOrangeViolet]
We are rapidly approaching Ellis' 3 month milestone.
Every day she is doing something new and most definitely cute.
She is no longer content to just lay in her bouncy seat or snuggle with us, unless it's bedtime, then she is a pro-snuggler & must be near me all night long.
When awak, Ellis wants to move & groove and talk talk talk.
And eat.
This girl can eat.
I'm still trying to rebuild my supply and our donated milk has been depleted.
Kind of makes for a very stressed out Mama, which then hinders my milk even more.

One step forward 10 steps back over here.


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Crista Hebel said...

Hoping the cookies (with super extra brewers yeast) are helping! I think of you often xx