[photo taken by Highland Street Photography]
Despite everything, my babes are so phenomenal.
Ellis, who is now 12 weeks old, is a dream baby.
She goes down to bed so easy.
She laughs.
She rolls over now.
She is so full of newness, and wide-eyed awe.

Huxley, although he is more than a handful, is just the sweetest little man.
He adores his Daddy. He knows when Mama isn't feeling good, and is always so concerned and loving. He shares, Tells jokes, Helps around the house by picking up his toys, and vacuuming.
He is obsessed with Angry Birds, Kipper The Dog, pirates, and Spongebob.
His diet consists of turkey sausage, and noodles with parm.
We are working on that.
Hux also started going to pre-school two days a week and is loving the new friends and routine.

We are getting there. Slowly inching our way back into normalcy. 

Sometimes you can't rush a good thing.


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