Dear Little Miss,
You are quite the acrobat & already like to pick on your brother by kicking him while he lays on me or is in the Ergo. It's just a small glimpse into what is about to unfold for all of us---and we are just fine with that--it'll be a grand adventure, won't it? I've been having so much fun picking out little ruffly things for you here + there, and really hope you share Mamas love of fairies and all things woodland--it's amazing how lost in Wonder over you I truly am. You are the size of a papaya right now and can hear what's going on around you (lots of Huxley squeals and "No, no, nos" from Mama), don't worry little Lady, you'll have your share soon. 

Until then--enjoy that warm peaceful cocoon & keep on growing big + strong + healthy, okay?

Love you through & through.



Epic Thread said...

So sweet.
Jillian -

gillian claire said...

such a cute photo!