'terrible' two.

We thought we might sneak by 2 scott free. 
We've thought a lot of things as first time parents, but you know what? We are constantly humbled. That being said, we have it extremely easy with mister Huxley. He's so zen. It is rare that he flares up at us, and it's typically over something understandable like wanting a delicious cupcake from Dia Doce for dinner or more iPad time, (which Mama resolved by accidentally shattering it to pieces).  I'm wondering if we're really in for it when little Miss arrives--maybe this is the calm before the storm? 

I hope I'm wrong. I pray I am. I want nothing more than to have our tribe continue on like she's always been a part of it & that Huxley has the understanding and patience the first few weeks.

That's not too much to ask of a 2.5 year old, is it?

Time will tell...


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