What's In Our Fridge Friday

Can you find the 5 different kinds of milk in our fridge? 

A bit overboard, right? Well, let me tell you we are kicking the bottle, and by we I mean Hux, but really we are all in this together because kid is crazy in love with his dairy-free formula that he's been supplemented with but at 20+ dollars a can--yea, we have to knock it. Not to mention how much I am over scrubbing & sterilizing those stupid things. Anyways, we are trying various dairy-free alternatives such as soy, almond, coconut (still have to give rice a whirl)--we had a little luck with goat's milk in the beginning & we may have to try that again because Huxley hates all of the options we've presented so far.

See the arrow in the photo on the left? That stuff is Unicorn Juice. Pure magic in the awesomest of packaging (yep, I swoon for good packaging.) They're actually herbal syrups made by Orange Chair Herbs. Remember how we were dying with the sickies for like 2 months? See how we are healthy & moving mountains daily? My point exactly. Come back next week for a chance to win some of your own delicious health boosters from Orange Chair Herbs!

& please, you guys...send me your fridge photos or this is going to get real redundant...and hey, you'll become famous & stuff.


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