high-five! we are at twenty-five.

[My Mom is going to say something about my hair in this photo I am quite certain.]

Twenty-five. Zoomed, really. Now comes the fun part of pregnancy--the giant belly. It just grows and grows from here on out & this little Lady is exceptionally fun because she is facing the opposite way Hux was and we can visibly see her every move. It's mind-blowing. 

Nothing major to report, thankfully. I've gained less than 10 lbs. so far but have a feeling that's going right out the window the next 15 weeks. I've had a much more mindful diet this time around though, and hope to keep the weight gain under twenty---fingers crossed.  I do have some awesome varicose veins going on, which I think I had my Mother to thank, or maybe my Grandma, either way, it runs in our family---but hey, if a couple blue veins showing through is the price you pay for super amazing children then I will not complain.

Bring on all the glorious things that the third-trimester has to offer, little Miss,
you are worth it. 



Katie Robinson said...

Yaay 25 weeks! Aren't seeing baby movements the best? I love it!

Mums make lists said...

Fab pic - you are looking very well despite the varicose veins :-) Alice @ Mums Make Lists