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We love supporting local businesses & I was over the moon when I found eco-STORE USA--based out of my home state, Michigan!!

The kind folks at eco-STORE USA generously sent us a slew of their amazing eco-friendly products to try out--all of which we love--especially the baby care line.

EcoSTORE USA’s baby care line is created using only the finest plant-based ingredients and essential oils to gently soothe, nourish and help protect baby’s sensitive skin. They offer healthy products that can help to relieve or avoid skin conditions, rashes and other chronic problems such as asthma and allergies. With Huxley's SUPER sensitive skin this is a mega-plus!!

I love being able to bathe Huxley knowing he isn't marinating in nasty chemicals & that I am treating his fragile baby skin with the best stuff out there--because let's be honest...we have enough to worry about as parents, am I right?

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1 comment:

rea said...

Recently I ordered bunch of items from this site
was pretty satisfied with their customer services
BUT! I got two bottles of dog ear cleaner which that EXP 2010 !
their response was just refund of $5.60 without any apology or explanation
ECO store? WHAT ECO????