Huxley's Hutch Update

Huxley's room has gone through a MAJOR transformation from before until now & I thought I'd share his very much lived in little nook.

Despite him not sleeping in his crib...ever...he loves playing in his room.

Decor is a total mish mash of everything we like...pieces I've picked up from special places--mostly near the shore of Lake Michigan, paintings by Matt & I hang above his changing table, and the portrait of Matt as a baby was done by his Aunt. There is also another little print hanging by the doorway which was done by my Aunt's Great-Grandma. Pretty darn cool, right?

Here is a 360ยบ of Huxley's room--note: this is what is looks like when it is straightened up a bit---it stayed this way for oh...halfway through the shoot & then Hux and Daddy wanted in on the fun! (or Huxley just wanted to play---he is in love with Hammy, his fake but ridiculously real looking hamster.)


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