Hux's 1st Birthday Photos pt. 2

I will admit I am not a Super Mom.
This party wasn't Pinterest material.
I wasn't at my sewing machine for months in advance.
I didn't bake Huxley's cake.
(Thais of Dia Doce did!)
If it wasn't for my beautiful amazing friend Kristen this party would have been a bust.

The theme was an obvious choice...woodland, & it was pretty easy to conjure up cheap decor--
we left the Christmas tree up, sans ornaments, I bought some pussy willow from Whole Foods and put it in a pretty vase. Hux has tons of woodland friends so I tossed those here & there. I cut up fabric for streamers, bought balloons & Kristen handmade the adorable banner.

For foods & bevvies we did all finger foods and White Russians (milk on the rocks for the kiddohs). I kind of forgot how rich and unstomachable White Russians are...but hey, we had a big jug of vodka & lots of mixers so we got creative.

A huge thanks to Bla Bla & Mahalo for providing the cutest party favors everrrr.
Bla Bla gifted us stickers & finger puppets which were loved by all---such perfect little goodie bag additions. Mahalo sent us the Woodland Pack of masks---they are SO fun, and are awesome for parties or gifts--the bunny would be make a great Easter Basket present! Look for them on on February 27th to get yours for a seriously discounted price!

All & all the party was a success...I never thought I'd get so much joy watching a little creature destroy a cake...can we do it every year?


[these are Huxley's GREAT Grandparents...I told you Matt comes from a good-lookin' bunch!]

[the mini-everything buffet...holy deliciousness.]

[fun little owl cupcakes!]


[cake...his FAVE!]


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