Birthday Tradition

When we first discovered we were expecting, the financial reality hit us like a Mac Truck hauling bricks. As we started to get our place ready for the little bundle we found an old (some may say...vintage?) piggy bank which we promptly started to fill.

It was then the idea was born---every year for Huxley's birthday he will get a new bank that Mommy & Daddy will fill with spare change, and bills. When Hux is 18 he will get to open all of the banks and use that money for whatever he likes (new car, vacation, climbing gear, etc).

Right now he has 2 filled banks--we were a tad overzealous the first year, eh? For his 1st birthday he got a hand made bank from the lovely Sharon of SPI Hobbies. She personalized it to say "Hux's Stash" & painted the date 1-14-12 on the bottom.

It is the cutest darn thing & it is already full of birthday monies---we may have to start thinking Roth IRA or CDs.

If you want to start the tradition for your little one I totally encourage you to--and Sharon has been kind enough to extend to you 10% off your first bank from her shop on Etsy.
Promo Code: HUX10


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