Birthday Photos & Contest Winner

I feel like I've been slacking in the blog department, but I blame it on the fact that I have a full-blown toddler.


It was like an overnight transformation where Hux went from this little bumbling wanna-be to a raging little kid who can climb, kick, play a kazoo, throw tantrums (what!?!?) and look so darn grown-up.

Granted, he's always been an old soul & never had an infantile look or sound to him, but aside from him still nursing---Huxley wants independence & utensils when he eats!!

Here are a few shots from the party...I have more to edit, mainly to show off the sweet goodies that Bla Bla sent us for party favors & the crazy awesome crafty skills of my friend Kristen--she won so many awards on Saturday. For real.

[Hux will not let go of his new baseball bat...thanks Uncle Jack!]

I also chose the winner of the Tyler's Coffee Giveaway on & behold it was the FIRST entry...weird!

Congrats Crista!! Check your email, lady!



Crista said...

Yay! I'm glad it was a success, so far looks like fun :) Can't wait to see more, when you have time, busy lady!
Oh, and I'm PUMPED about some coffee, too! :)

james adam said...

very cute baby :) he is enjoying his age. very innocent activities :)

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