potty training a one year old?

Call us crazy, but we're attempting the impossible.

A lot of you I'm sure have seen my Tweets braggingly updating that Hux was successful 2/2 now 3/3 on the new training potty we got him. When he was smaller I practiced Elimination Communication, which you can read more about here. This is pretty much the next step in that--where Hux isn't really conscious of what he is doing he is however making a positive connection between the two--1) about to go potty 2) I go in this little green potty.

It would be fantabulousamazingawesome if he started to do this all by himself, but let's face the facts here: he isn't dextrous enough to unzip or undo himself from clothes & diaper. He does however, make it really easy to tell when he needs to go and is becoming quite the good little signaler!

If this saves a few diapers (either our Seventh Generations or our Fuzzibunz Cloth All-In-Ones) we are happy, and it saves the mess to clean up too.

I post this not to boast, but to update you on what we are doing with Hux. Let it be known we are just starting out on the long journey called potty training & man have I heard how long the road is...

Wish us luck!

[we got Hux Once Upon A Potty to compliment his Jahgoo potty]


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meganbrunette said...

Yippie!!! Try split pants... I can't wait to get flor in them! Google: Chinese split pants. Genius!