Goofball + Weight loss accountability...a hodge podge post.

Might I say that we have the goofiest 20 month old out there...

Hux makes us laugh all day long, I swear. 
He is a card.

For some reason he's always finding his nips and pressing them...something neither of us taught him I promise.

Exibit A:
Exibit B:

Hux started "school" on Monday.
It was a breeze.

He didn't even notice me leave he was so enthralled with the new toys & people his size.
He got a great report for the day, but by the time I picked him up he was definitely ready for a boob & a nap. 

I'm so happy he gets to have this fun experience twice a week for half a day. Going on nature walks, doing art projects, singing and learning are all such great things to add to his routine---and, bonus, Mama gets a little "me" time to clean and run errands solo.

Not going to lie, I felt like I was missing a limb for the entire morning, and it was way too quiet around our place, but I accomplished SO much & began to relish in the new freedom.

I even began a "Weight Loss Challenge" --my goal is 20 fat ones in 6 weeks by utilizing Herbalife meal replacement shakes and one healthy meal a day. Biggest loser wins cash--so I have my eye on the prize...ka-ching! Stepping on that scale was a huge wake up call, and I want to be a healthy-fit Mama for my Speedy Gonzalez. 

I'll be updating you all on my progress knowing there is a big accountability factor with going public.
So far I've been doing awesome, went to Barre Amped today which kicked my butt, and made a yummy raw vegan tomato, carrot, cashew soup for dinner.

Props to any of you Mamas out there trying to knock the weigh too!
Let's unite and get skinnified!!

[Hux's first day of school photo--literally headed out the door]


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