Pure Michigan.

Here we are in the Great Northern Country.
It's been a gorgeous couple of days.
No complaints.

We have spotty internet service so I had to wait until my niece (who is the best Hux sitter in the world) came--she likes to visit the local coffee shop I once worked at & they have some pretty zippy net supply.

The second day we were here Hux, Matt and I were in a Floatilla
We were trying to break a World Record for largest group of kayaks and canoes. 
Hux rode with me, and Matt spun in circles but held his own for his first time in a boat.

If you look close enough you can see our boats---hot pink & neon green!

It's just truly been a blast here. 
We're soaking it all in, and enjoying ever moment we have.

Huxley will have a hard time leaving---he is just in love with Papa & Mama as he calls his grandparents.

He even got to drive for the first time.

Poop eating grins ensued...

Promise I'll announce the Giveaway winners soon! 

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