Traveling with Toddler

Me have time to write? Hardly.

But I feel like ever since we got back from Michigan I have yet to really fill in the blanks.
It is just so ridiculously difficult trying to sit down for a couple minutes these days--Hux is feeling worlds better, but still keeps close to Mama. It's like we have an invisible rope that has bound us together. Thank goodness for our Ergo, because I seriously would not get anything accomplished without it.

I've got to sing some praises to another great company out there...
GoGo Babyz saved our tail while sprinting from one gate to the next on our flight from Philadelphia to Saginaw, Michigan. We had a connector in Detroit, which I loathe. Our connecting gate is ALWAYS on the complete opposite end of the airport, and with less than an hour to haul Hux through the crowds. 

The Gogo Babyz Travelmate worked like a charm. Although I didn't put Huxley in it, I did however put my ginormous diaper bag in it with the straps around the handle--this saved my shoulders for sure, and nothing tumbled out as we clipped along.

I saw a bunch of other Mamas & Papas toting their little ones in these beauties. Which I totally would have, but Hux was asleep for most of our travels (and on the boob) so I kept him in the Ergo. 

As far as other traveling essentials go I packed some new books, snacks, ice water (they let you bring this through security when you're traveling with child), natural hand sanitizing wipes, iPad with Elmo Calls app, organic suckers (quiet makers as we call them), as well as basics--diapers, wipes, spare outfit, etc etc etc. 

Looking back I wish I would have put Hux in his JoJoCo Pilot hat, since there are so many germs flying around on a plane...I didn't know they could get in through the ears & maybe I could've spared Huxley that nasty double ear infection.

Live & Learn, right?

More photos & prose to come...until rope is being tugged.


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