my little Milk Truck lover.

& here we are, nearing 16 months old.
Hux is just the most fascinating, good-natured, funny + adorable little man.

He definitely understands a lot more than I give him credit for most days. Simple commands are cake, and complex things are becoming easier by the minute. 

Huxley's vocabulary is just through the roof...I can't keep up with how much he says--it's so sweet, his constant stream of babble. He wakes up and says, "Doodle Doo". 

Other words Hux has mastered:
Hi, Bye, Mama, Daddy, Doggie, Cheese, Ball, Bear, Elmo, Book, Kitty, Cookie, "What's that", "Oh Wow", "Oh Cool", "Oh I see"

But his most basic form is a simple "Mmm?!" with a point or his arms stretched out to us he shows us what he'd like and does not give up until we've provided it---think of the sound a hamster/guinea pig makes... 

Huxley is still quite fond of the "Milk Trucks" and has shown no sign/desire to wean, which is okay with me. It is a little frustrating how he lacks a certain eagerness when it comes to real food time. A LOT ends up on the floor. Bummer. I've started having to feed him myself, and we also sneak organic flax oil into one of his bottles per day.

We are getting ready for another flight to Michigan (without Daddy), and couldn't be more excited (not that Daddy isn't coming---that part sucks!).
I just love Mama + Hux adventures.

I've got some cool Sponsors for the trip too! Can't wait to share with you their products and how they are totally going to save my butt as I maneuver the airports.

Until then, Happy Cinco de Derby weekend.
Go fix yourself something festive with mint in it!


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