our little fam damily.

My camera is empty of photos...I've been shooting more Flip videos than anything since Hux is so fast. 

Thankfully our lovely friend Kristen sent us some pictures she took on Easter.

I can't get over how hilarious Hux looks in Daddy's glasses & he knows it's cute too and just hams it up.

Huxley is just getting over his first tummy bug. It was horrible. Daddy happened to be at a Phil's game & Hux was standing on a chair when all of his dinner/lunch/etc decided to come up...twice. I was right there..freaking out. Hux had to have a bath so I just quickly cleaned up what I could with my natural cleaner concoction (distilled white vinegar + hydrogen peroxide + filtered water) & sprinkled baking soda on the rest. Daddy was awesome and cleaned up the remainder as soon as he came home, which I am so grateful for because all I did the rest of the night was comfort and snuggle Huxley.

He's all better now...a little dancing machine lately...will have some funny videos for you later of all that goodness.

[Glasses c/o Bonlook]


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