there & back again...

& here we are...just a little over one week later and holy wow has so much gone on!

Hux & I are safely back from MI, although not as healthy as one would like.

Huxley had his first trip to the ER on Saturday after battling high fever temps all day...he was still not himself today so I took him into his Pediatrician---lo & behold the poor guy has a double ear infection. Since I can't get any liquids or meds in him aside from a few sips of water or juice & nursing 'round the clock, they injected him with an Antibiotic. 

It's so heart-breaking having to stand-by and watch your child fight through an illness. Hux is neverrrrr like this, so it's hard, he sleeps all the time, and never wants to be put down...I pray he's recovered come morning.

I plan on a much more coherent post on traveling solo with babe, battling flu bugs & how to keep your child hydrated ect. and the fun highlights of our trip. But right now I need to go curl up next to my sicky Squish.

Until then I think the photos speak volumes...


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Camille Griffiths said...

I hope he is better soon!!