weekend party.

[photo taken on Matt's 30th]

Party party.

It feels like we've been partying all weekend, in truth, we've spent a lot of time snuggling and reading books. Matt has been awesome & kept Hux occupied and burning energies yesterday by taking him to the park and around dinner time they went out back to throw rocks at their spot. Matt returned home with a completely in the buff Hux---Huxley had ran away from Daddy & stomped into a puddle which he proceeded to sit down in. Awesome. I would have lost it, since it's more of a stagnant cess pool of grossness than a fresh rain puddle. BLECH. Needless to say, Hux got a very good scrub down last night.

Officially one more week at this place...
let it fly.


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Theresa Breslin said...

thats awesome! love reading this blog!