Hux + Storm Safety

What do you do when there is a storm brewin' & you've got a 17 month old to keep safe?
You put him in a helmet, rain boots and a bell...that's what.

Okay, a little (un)necessary background info:
My parents taught me to be very weather conscious. We are a boaters and always were listening to NOAA and The Weather Channel is our favorite TV show.
I kind of grew a hyper-sensitivity to weather. I hate loathe thunderstorms. Don't even get me started on tornadoes. Anyways, this video was taken a few weeks back during a Tornado Watch.

Oh, and I was trying to get Hux to show you his "spider"...he put his fingers together to make the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"...pretty much the cutest this ever.

But yea, he cracks us up--daily...enjoy!


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