Bed Wedge Beauty Rest.

No joke, the Bed Wedge works miracles.

The first night we used it was worlds different--no waking up without a pillow, cranked neck & grumpy. Since we don't have a headboard we needed this little gem, and I was so happy when it's simple design did just as promised.

Ed Peisner, developed the concept after his daughter was injured by her metal bed frame when reaching for a doll that had fallen into the gap. It's a firm triangular shaped wedge that covers the width of the bed. All you have to do is place over the gap & that is enough to keep it securely in place. The Bed Wedge comes in all sizes, prints & colors. It also comes with side pocket attachments that are perfect for glasses, remotes and even tooth fairy visits. I use mine to store either my phone or Hux's bottle of water.

As you can see in these photos Hux sleeps like a champ with his Bed Wedge!


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