Daddy love.

We didn't really have a full day to celebrate Daddy since Mama had to work, but around here we try to celebrate eachother every day.

Matt is such an amazing father.
Even more so, he is my best friend.

I love watching him with Huxley.
You can truly see his heart light up when they are together & that just completes me.

It's effortless for him.

He wakes in the middle of the night to help out, lets me sleep in almost every morning while fixing Hux breakie & simultaneously getting ready for work.

This morning he took Hux in the shower with him, because he is just that awesome.

When we were pregnant I would daydream about a little brown eyed, dark haired boy before we even knew Hux was a "he". 

I'd swoon over any little kid that resembled Matt.

& I got everything I ever dreamed of and more.

Matt + Huxley just adore one another, and I am such a lucky lady to have them in my life.

I honestly could not do this Mama thing well without my better half.

He lights up our life daily.

We love you Daddy Doo.


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Kelly Mac said...

Those were beautiful words you spoke about your baby's father :)
P.S. I call mine "Daddy Doo" too! lol