How to grow a Healthy Hux Monster.

Ironic that I chose to post this now while Hux is totally maxed out with explosive poops and crankiness...but, the kid eats like a Green Machine & has the six-pack to prove it & I've been wanting to update you all on what the Huximonster noshes on.

I'm always a fan of reading what all the other awesome Blog-oh-sphere Mama's are feeding there smooshables, & I wanted to share some of our favorites as of late.

This one is a rainbow of goodness:
Spinach & Kale
Strawberries, Blueberries,  Pineapple & Raspberries
and Goodbelly Organic Probiotic Coconut Water
(all our produce is always organic)

Honest Kids Organic Fruit Punch...Hux approved.

Sweet Cherries...okay, this is a soft spot in Mama's heart. I come from the "Cherry Capitol of the Worrrld", & I could eat a lug of cherries. It made my soul sing when Huxley took to them like candy. Sadly, Michigan had bad crops this year and cherries were 'spensive and hard to come by...but we bought organic ones from our local Whole Foods, and indulged.

Froose! We LOVE you! 
Froose is organic fruit juices + rice grains for fiber! Local & AWESOMESAUCE!
Hux is also noshing on some turkey ham, strawberries & grapes.

Eat hard + Play hard.


PS: Winner of Sodastream Giveaway was announced here!  
Thanks for all who participated! Hope you keep comin' back & keep up with the Hux! 

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