Baby Rave.

Rainy day/week/month?

Go to Tarjay & buy up a bunch of the $1 bin Glow Sticks & throw yourself an indoor Baby Rave!

Seriously. We did this with Hux a month ago when we were all cooped up with bad weather, and had ourselves a good old fashioned Hootenanny. Yes, a Hootenanny!

We cranked some KOL, cracked some glowsticks and danced our booties off!

Also a great idea...stock up on tons of those $1 funsticks and sell them at a 4th of July shindig at 2 for a dollar and make yourself a pretty little profit. I just mailed my niece 10 tubes with 15 bracelets each to sell at the Cherry Fest...she said she'd cut me $20 bones outta the deal. SCORE.

You can also let them play with these in the tub! Another fun idea to make an otherwise routine task seem like a partay.

Note: They claim these are non-toxic but make sure to keep them out of your little one's mouth.

Here's a little snippet of our awesome Dance's so dark but you can tell we're having a pretty awesome time...Hux has the two blue glowsticks.

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